Mansion 41

Historic grandeur full of colour, texture and luxury

After serving as a notary’s office for a number of years, this former mayor’s residence needed some love to be restored to its original grandeur. So this project started with bringing back authentic details and ornaments. For example, the original en-suite was restored, moldings pplied on the walls and ceilings, stair pillars and the portal where reinstated as they were. The layout was also tackled to create open spaces and bring more unity to the home.

The residents wanted to be challenged in terms of color and patterns. To give the spacious house warmth and cosiness, we have worked a lot with wallpaper. Special wall coverings with a texture of velvet and sisal have been added to the decorative moldings on the walls. In the living and dining room, a calmer pattern has been chosen with structure and warm tones for an embracing effect. The breakfast corner next to the kitchen is an eye-catcher with tropical wallpaper and a custom-made bench. The masterpiece of the house is the master suite, which, with its generous size, still feels warm due to the use of deep colors and the furnishing of cozy corners.